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November 6, 2009
By sldkfja GOLD, Sdflkjdfl, Pennsylvania
sldkfja GOLD, Sdflkjdfl, Pennsylvania
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Bliss is wordless. It can only truly be expressed with the right side of your brain, can only be described by that side that talks in pictures, colors and shapes. No words work. They just can’t convey it. They can’t recreate it. On this test your left side flunks but your right size aces. So if you’re hoping to find the answer, to this great life question (What is bliss?) stop reading this essay now because you will be sorely disappointed. For I can’t truly describe it, but just maybe this essay can trigger your own memories and this might be meaningful after all.

Bliss is pure happiness. There are no other emotions there to interfere. It never lasts that long, but those few seconds can last forever. It may happen while your swimming in the ocean or looking out the window of a plane. You’ll remember it later the same way you remember dreams. The colors will be bright and the feelings vivid and yet it will all be fuzzy, like it happened in a different world or to someone else. It doesn’t seem to belong to the streams of other memories that clog your brain.

Bliss is light. Wherever you are at the time, the sun is always shining, even in the rain. Everything good is streaming in. It’s laid back. Nothing stands out too brightly. Every thing fits in just right. You don’t have needs and you don’t have wants. There’s just light colors, feelings, and the world blending together.

Bliss is not caring for a minute, not caring what others think, not caring about the future, not caring how much trouble you’ll be in when someone finds out what you’ve been doing. You lay in the grass with the green leaves tickling your nose and the sun streaming down. You won’t care that there is a grass stain forming on the knee of your favorite pants. You won’t care what everyone around you is thinking. You just won’t care because your happy.

Bliss is laughter. You hear something that to your already ecstatic ears sounds funny or odd. A tickle forms in your nose, and you start to laugh. You laugh louder and longer than ever before. If you manage to stifle your laughing for even a minute, something else will trigger it and off you go again. By the end you can’t even remember what you were laughing about, but it must have been really funny, so you just keep on laughing. You’re happy and that’s all that counts even though your chest is starting to hurt and your throat started to get sore ages ago. You just laugh for the sake of laughing.

Bliss is forgetting. You forget who your are. You forget what you want people to know about you and what you don’t. You forget the rules that society has built, the rules to what is funny and what is not, what is cool and what is not. You forget that test that you have been worrying about all week. You forget that you’re mad at your sister. You forget that you really didn’t want to be here in the first place.

Bliss is being but not. You are there and yet you aren’t. You step back and take a look at the world through the eyes of happiness. You are analyzing yet not making a single analysis. You are looking but not seeing any of it. Your brain is totally closed yet more open than ever before. You are there and yet you aren’t.

Bliss is pink and light blue. The color of that says when you lie there and it’s just perfect. They are the light colors, the wordless colors. The colors of a soothing nap in the sun and joy when something you have been waiting for happens. The colors for when you’re hyper off soda and strawberries. The colors for a calm lazy day spend doing nothing in particular and being perfectly happy about that. They are colors of thought and deep reminiscing.

Bliss is a funny emotion. It’s there when we need it but never there enough. Each person has bliss at different times for different reasons. When in a state of bliss you become eccentric and odd to those around you. Yet in your mind you are following a totally logical course of actions and there is no difference between how you are acting now and you act
normally. You must humor those in this state for it may be the best day of their life and they will humor you someday when you are in the same position.

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I didn't know where on the site to put this artical but I hope that you will like it all the same.

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