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I'm Begging You

November 12, 2009
By comacozi SILVER, Vernon, Texas
comacozi SILVER, Vernon, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet" - Plato

And she cried.

So the day finally came, when I had to look into your eyes and constrict my heart. You didn’t notice the change, or perhaps maybe you did. You didn’t say anything. I didn’t say I love you as much anymore. You saw how depressed I was and how mangled I was within the gravestones of old love.

And she cried.

I wonder if I could force all your thoughts out of your complex mind, then what exactly would come out. I am curious as to what has been hidden after all this time because I of all people realize that you are not anywhere close to heartless. What has your heart said all along, love?

And she cried.

You have seen me attempt conversation – pointless stutters from pointless lips. But did you notice that you barely ever made an attempt? Did you notice that we were an oxymoron? You loved her, didn’t you? I know you still do. But did you know that loving the people we thought were right killed us both?

And she cried.

Char me…please. Hit me…please. Scream at me…I’m begging you. It would be a lot less painful then knowing about the imperfect horizontal lines edged into your skin. No, they are not from reason or someone else. They are only you. They are your way of dealing with your life. Who do you think you are?

And she cried.

Do you want or even care to know why she cried? She cried because you found other ways to deal with your pain. She was told that she was used as your crutch and she was fine with that. But she cried because you threw her away like an old toothbrush….then you hurt yourself?

And I cried…

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