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Father Earth and the Great Storm

February 6, 2010
By hlevi92 SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
hlevi92 SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
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In the beginning, there was nothing and no one, but the Creator. The Creator began to feel lost in the nothingness of the universe. He then decided that he needed a place to live. So, he created Mother Earth. Now, Mother Earth had no oceans, she was just a dry, cold place. Nothing could grow or live on Mother Earth. This emptiness on Earth made Mother Earth to become very lonely. When Mother Earth could longer handle the loneliness she felt, she went to the Creator and begged for some company. The Creator granted her with Father Sky. Not only did Father Sky bring her someone to converse with but Father Earth also brought light and heat to her.

When Father Sky saw Mother Earth for the first time, his heart instantly swelled with love. He was so over-filled with joy and happiness that he began to cry and get a runny nose. His tears became the rain and the dew on Earth. Father Sky’s tears washed over Mother Earth making her fertile. From Mother Earth’s fertility came all humans. When he finally stopped crying he noticed that his runny nose had dripped down on Mother Earth. His mucus formed the creatures thorough out the entire world. After taking care of his nose, he started wiping away the left over tears from his eyes, while doing so he knocked the crusty’s from the corner of his eyes. The crusty’s fell to the earth and grew into plants of all kinds. Now, the Earth was occupied to its fullest; it had humans, animals, and plants. Yet, Mother Earth still felt as lonely as ever.

To compensate for her loneliness, Mother Earth took five humans under her wing. She realized that Father Sky would be jealous of her love for her children. She began to be paranoid, thinking that Father Sky was going to take them away and harm them. To prevent this she hid her children in a dark, small cave.

When Father Earth caught wind of what Mother Earth was doing he felt betrayed and became angry. He was so angry that he started to cry, hard and powerful tears. His tears pounded the Earth for a whole year. This storm is known to all as the “Great Storm”. The Earth was half flooded, forming all the oceans.

To save themselves from Father Sky’s wrath, all the humans fled to higher ground. The few who couldn’t make it in time were caught in the storm. Father Sky soon saw what his anger was doing to his beloved children. He dove down at once and saved all the people caught in the storm. All of the saved ones were so furious at Father Sky that they didn’t even thank him for his help. Their hatred over took their rational emotions and became ceased by evil. They stomped around the world with such blind hatred that they began to destroy this wonderful world. The Creator felt he had no choice but to take their lives to save all of mankind and Mother Earth.

The author's comments:
In my mythology class we had to create a creation myth that was completely original.

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