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Daddy Don’t Go

March 14, 2008
By Caitlyn Bednar BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
Caitlyn Bednar BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Fun, exciting, loving, funny are all the ways I could explain how much I loved this guy so dearly in my life. Tall, brownish hair, short and golden highlights that waved smoothing strips across his head. I remember a time when I was at least 10, my father and I took a wild adventure on a goat cart, going crazy in the streets, and he would act just like a kid. My dad was the type of person that you would never get tired with, and he would keep you going and going, and would never stop. But sometimes I never got to see my dad; it was like we were apart for along time. I would always have fun with him all the time and I would never get tired of having him around, a big teddy bear that you love and never let go. But I was the closest to him, and I was just like him, and I was more attached to him then anyone else, we shared a bound like no one else could understand, you couldn’t understand it, it was like his words can paint a picture, because he was inspiring.

It has been a couple of months since I have seen my dad but I never stopped thinking about him. But here came that morning that every kid enjoys in there life, and something I would never forget in my life. It was my 12th birthday; my star birthday is what I called it. I was so eager this day, on what surprises awaited me, and I could see it now all those presents just before my eyes. I felt a sharp, rocking pain that hit my side and I kept waking up in the night, it was like something was terribly wrong, but that wasn’t going to get me down. When I was at school my brother and mom surprised me on my birthday to eat lunch. But something wasn’t right, my mom wanted to talk to my teacher like it was a secret. But I didn’t worry, then my mom told me, I was going home early, and what was so weird my mom told me when I went to go get my backpack she told me I didn’t have to take it home. Then on the ride home, I saw how immense my brothers face was like, it looked like he was crying or something.

Then when we got home, my mom took me to my room and told me to sit on my bed. And right then and there I new something was wrong. Then I heard the most freighting thing anyone would ever hear in there life. She said, “ Caitlyn this morning your dad died”, I felt like I was suffocating and losing air and I couldn’t breath, right that second I broke in tears, my life was over after I herd her say that. I kept on telling myself this is a bad dream and I will wake up in a minute. I felt mad, depressed like my emotions were running crazy in my mind. She told me he had a heart attack, but what hurt me so bad is that I never told him how much I loved him, and I wanted him to know that, I was so hurt it was like millions of knives were being stabbed into me all at the same time. I was tore up, I felt like god did this to me to punish me for doing bad things in my life. Every person gets one mom and one dad, and on my birthday god took one away from me, and he was really close to my heart. I thought, “what did I do to deserve this, did I do something wrong”. I prayed for days for god to send my father back to me, but I new if I prayed my heart out he would never come back. My birthday was destroyed, and this day would always be remembered has a sad day. Even if my dad was mostly never there for my birthday, but he was the only dad I had and I related to him we were like a book together but his story had to end. I would never forget him, that fun, crazy, sweet dad he was. But he left this world and he would always be remembered. My grandma had told me this the day he died, “He might be gone but you have him in your heart for the rest of your life, remember the good times you had with him”. Then she said, “Don’t regret things in you life, say I love you to the people who care for you, cause one day you might lose it all”.

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