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How To Succeed In Their World MAG

By Anonymous

   How to Succeed in Their World

by John M., Phoenix, AZ

I was insulted to find a young gentleman on TV telling thousands of teens that the way to succeed in a job was to dress appropriately, have good grooming habits and be polite. I agree that these are part of job success, but what the gentleman forgot to include is that taking initiative, doing above and beyond your duty, and being humble are the most important success factors. I speak from experience, having moved up six positions in fewer than six months at Discount Cellular, Inc. I sell, repair, and program thousands of phones. I also work with billing, budgeting, personnel and advertising. I travel to West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Denver and Phoenix to conduct business. I can run the business confidently by myself, direct those around me and troubleshoot any problem that may arise. The fanciest clothes in the world cannot give you the know-how and confidence to run a business.

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