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Dream Job MAG

By Anonymous

   After grabbing a crisp, hard sugar cone from the package,

smooth chocolate and vanilla ice cream

twisted into it from the machine.

The gadget that dumped chocolate sprinkles

covered every inch of the custard.

My next order led me to the tangy bitterness

of lemon ice in the air.

That citrus flavor,

it just adds to the cool yet sticky taste inside my mouth.

Nearby were noisy, obnoxious blenders

that made melt-in-your-mouth milkshakes to enjoy.

The numbing of my hands made it hard to recover

after scooping ice cream out of the freezer for a while.

Next the aroma of a ripened banana and fresh fruit

were added for natural sweetness.

Approaching the rich hot fudge was the most tempting:

just watching it ooze out of the pump

put me in a trance for a minute.

The gurgling of the whipped cream topped off my masterpiece

along with a cherry, of course.

The register's "cha-ching" sounded as the drawer opened

and correct change was given to the customer.

"Have a nice day!"

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i love this so much!