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Good Morning, Life!

November 2, 2013
By hannaj15 SILVER, Kennerdell, Pennsylvania
hannaj15 SILVER, Kennerdell, Pennsylvania
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I woke up and felt as if I were in a strange dream. Whose life am I really living? Mine? Oh, gosh. We're talking about a high school junior in the top ten of her class. She can play the clarinet and sing, according to her school schedule. She also can help put together a fantastic yearbook. She makes cute gifts and delicious cake pops. She loves seeing people smile, and often goes out of her way to make them. She isn't always perfect, but she does her best. She loves kids, and she is a camp counselor, a jr. church leader, a v.b.s. helper, and a baby-sitter. She loves her family and friends, both which are interchangeable words. She has a messy room and loves to sleep. She isn't very tall, needs braces, and can pull of looking twelve. She has sparkly green eyes, cool/simple glasses, contacts, clear skin, and a lot of smiles. She is sarcastic and witty. She does her best to keep herself together, even when she is falling apart on the inside. She has seen a lot in her almost-seventeen years of life, but she wouldn't trade her life for anything.

Wait, that's me? I can live with that. I can accept who I am. I know that from the inside, I feel pretty crummy about myself, but in the end, I love who I am. I have worked hard to get where I am today, and I am going to live up to the life God built for me!

The author's comments:
I keep finding myself feeling that I'm not good enough. In reality, I am God's teen, and I have a lot to offer the world. I am not sure how I could have made it this far without God and my family by my side.

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