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Sleep Sleep Dream

November 5, 2008
By Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
Broken_hearted_wolf SILVER, Auburn, Washington
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Dreams, they are hard to define and even harder to translate but why do we try and do that anyways. It’s because human being are afraid of things they don’t know things like dreams because dreams can be explained through science. In reality a dreams is a frightful thing for we may know what they are but the images in a dream cannot be explained for each person has a different dream. Within each persons dream there are tales of lives and deaths some things they dream of already happened but some of the time they dream of things that will happen. Yes some will say I am crazy but maybe I am I dream of time traveling and people with no need for money. Cars that don’t fly but hover and a world with piece and no war. But those are probably just delusional fantasies of a deeply diluted mind. But maybe not I must admit with today’s technology things are easier then they may seem there are things we don’t understand but what if we did understand and then the world ends. Who would like that I can tell you not very many people. There are things we are not meant to know and if we keep trying to know bad things might happen. But what if there was one person that does know and I mean that they know everything about this world living or dead. But no that’s more than we humans can hope for and because we believe that we never look. How many other things do we believe that can’t be so we never bother to look? But when we do look where would be the first place to look….YOUR DREAMS! Yes right there in the pinnacle of your subconscious mind. Over time we stopped believing that dreams can come true but when you live with it it’s hard not to believe if it happened every other day would you not think it possible. Well no you wouldn’t because of the way we are we would just ignore the facts of things and in the end forget about it. But why when we need our dreams so much our dreams tell us so much more than anyone or anything ever could especially if those dreams happen to be prophetic. Or coarse that’s not possible or so says so many men and women with higher degrees than most normal people can hope to receive but what would they know about lives of normal people. Nothing that’s what they may have been normal human being at one time or another but not any more now they are just degree holding people who don’t want to be wrong. And if you prove them wrong then they will do more research and get more degrees and become smarter or so they think but they are really not getting smarter truthfully the loose there creative abilities and there imaginative nature. They may believe they are gaining knowledge but they are really loosing it. I believe that a person only gets smarter when they open there minds to more possibilities, in the worlds of real and not. I’m getting somewhat off track now but you get my point, we need to learn from our dreams and our daily life only when we do that will we be truly smart. And for those of us with prophetic dreams we need to tell about them and we need to share them will others. It may be hard at first but this world will accept it as soon as they start believing in there own dreams.

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This artical is ment to teach other that they can learn from there dreams i mean dreams show the past mostly and those who dont know there past are doomed to repeat it.

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