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Another Day in Littwin's

November 7, 2008
By QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
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Kim's shiny flapper head band shine off the dull school lights.

As Sheena's red hair and lips accensuates her pale complection.

The wall of the classroom dull and white as laughter bounces off them.

The fire alarm ready and eager to sound.

Confetti of black, red, and the occasional white litter the hallways as the girl jitty in their seats ready for Powder Puff.

Rachel's pale blue eyes soft against her indifferent exterior.

Robin's face painted black,
her doe brown eyes alight with amusement.

Littwin in his chair,
commancdi but inviting.

The bell rings taking us out of our comforting cacoon of creative writing and into the harsh world of high school.

Ending another day with Littwin.

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