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A Party to Remember

November 4, 2008
By QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
QS724 SILVER, Carpentersville, Illinois
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It wasn’t so much nature more like Dolphin Cove and it wasn’t so much profound or moving as it was idiotic. It was my next door neighbor’s birthday party and I was invited. I don’t remember what I got her, but it was probably an American Girl Doll or book (I was obsessed at the time). It started out with pizza and games. I had a cheese it was okay, but it didn’t really do anything for me. Then, there is it was a pepperoni pizza. I had heard tales of it. it was spicy and delicious. I didn’t know why my mom always bought us spinach and mushroom pizzas, which I liked well enough. I was going to try it, I took a bite and a grin formed on my face.
After we ate and ate all that was left was swimming. I was excited I was finally going to learn how to swim. See I thought when you jumped in the pool you would know what to do (you know like with birds when their mother pushes them out of the nest.). I was on the diving board ready to take my leap into a new Nike a Nike that could swim. I look down at the pool and it was kind of high up (did I mention I’m terrified of heights) so there I was on the high board, a line of anxious kids forming behind me. They all obviously new how to swim.
Finally, I decided it was now or never I pinched my nose inhaled and jump. The water seemed to know that I couldn’t swim and it sucked me to the bottom. It was then I knew that it was a good idea to know how to swim before you jumped into water. Soon it was hard to breath and I remembered what I forgot to do…kick. I started kicking the way I practiced in the living room. Turns out it was a lot easier on land. My chest felt like it was about to burst. The need for oxygen became unbearable. I was started to forget what it felt like to have air in your lungs. If my face could turn blue I knew it would. I closed my eyes and tried to kick upward. I heard a sound of water giving way to an object greater than it and then I was on the surface. I had made it. I pumped my fist in the air in triumphant. It was then I saw the lifeguard beside me and my face fell. I had obviously done nothing. He had saved me and quickly got me out of the pool my next door neighbor’s dad scowled me and told me he would have to tell my mom. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment and it was then, at the moment I was so glad that no one else could see me blush. We stayed for another hour and went back to their house for cookies and ice cream. True to his word he did tell my mom who wasn’t to happy. She told me that people actually learned to swim before jumping in. She bought me fins and now I can swim with the best of them. Just call me Orca!!!!

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