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By Anonymous

     People are like individual pieces of the earth’s crust. They pull apart, push together and constantly change. Always bound to cause some major earthquake and smattered tremors, people are extremely complex. Does she like to watch the sun rise because of its pure beauty? Can he stand the smell of a sweet chocolate torte straight from the oven? How does she feel seeing a puppy in the rain, golden fur soaked and blue eyes mournful? What are his thoughts on the latest action movie that critics raved about? Each of us has so many different answers, approaches and ways to express our individuality.

I’ll never forget one memorable lesson about individuality. At an early age, I loved music. My late grandfather played many instruments and his genes must have been passed down to me: I was so passionate about everything from the latest single to the most tragic Broadway song. When I was not yet a teen, I began my great transformation to someone not yet me, but not quite the former me. Armed with a new perspective on the world broadened by films, philosophy, and my attempts to figure out the purpose of life, I managed to retain a few grains of true knowledge. “Go,” Knowledge said to me. “Go, be normal, and you will lose every golden value I managed to drum into your head. Let all the nonsense of the world wash off you. Let the world be peaceful in your mind and devote your energy to finding something new about yourself. You - you are average! Take this opportunity and run for it. Jog, crawl, do whatever you can.”

During that year of my great transformation, I was surprised by my self-discovery. I began to actively pursue my dream of music by taking my piano lessons seriously; I energetically beat the tune of “Summer Nights” from “Grease” and played “Tales from the Vienna Woods” by Strauss, emphasizing the charm of Strauss’ own rustic folk song. I added a little of my own spice to make my rendition unique, my playing special, my playing me.

I’m still trying to figure myself out, but now I’m pretty sure I am getting closer. I was one person a second ago; I’m another now. People are always changing, that’s for sure. I’m proud to be one of many and I’m proud to be one of a kind.

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i love this so much!