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By Anonymous

     Living on a high-school student’s budget can be difficult, especially for upperclassmen with expenses like phones and cars.

I’m a junior and have a part-time job which is difficult because the minute I get out of school, I go to work. Most students my age only look forward to one thing at work: payday. Before I get my check, I think about the shoes, clothes and other things that I will buy but when payday arrives, reality sets in. I have to pay for senior dues, my phone bill, and repay any money I’ve borrowed from my parents. How do I do it? I need to budget, so those new shoes may have to wait.

As a student, you are always worried about keeping up with everyone else. If you have a job, you’re probably thinking about some hot outfit you saw instead of about how to pay for your SATs, gas, or even college expenses. It’s not fun living from paycheck to paycheck but there are certain measures you can take to manage a budget. First, if you absolutely think you need a new outfit, start with the clearance racks. They have the best deals and also some great styles. Second, use payment plans, but only if they’re interest free. Third, try not to loan money to friends unless you know for sure they will pay you back. Also, try not to borrow. If you do, you’ll always be in debt. Instead of counting on McDonald’s, pack a lunch. Managing a high-school budget is really not that hard if you learn to sacrifice.

Sacrificing the items that you only want is a start. Instead of using your money to keep up with the latest fashions, keep your money to pay for necessities and items that will really affect your life, not just accessorize it. My best advice: keep your eyes on the prize. You don’t need those new shoes or that outfit to learn. I live by those words and that’s why I am in a good financial state.

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