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A Small Change

March 5, 2015
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"only you can start a change you want"

Why do people always seem to think small things can't change the world or can't make a difference? When really something as small as one human can make a change in everything we know. One book or one piece of art can change the views of so many people and can change the way people see the whole world. It takes one person, one story or one view to change the world.

To change the world you have to get away from the normal world. Think more of what the deeper meaning of the world is and then show it to anyone, everyone. Think about the truth with in the lies of society. Look for the beauty of the whole world and the beauty of every human. Look out side, look at how amazing the planet you stand on truly is.

We are all a small part of a large universe, like ants in the grass, we are tiny. We only have one lifetime to make an everlasting change but with society today how can we make a good change through all the rubbish put in our heads. We think more of the celebrity drama than the real problems. Almost like we are brainwashed into only looking at what we see on Tv and not what is going on all around us. Humanity is lost in the glitz and glamor so its harder to make a change but if we think and work for what is important we could change that.

To make a change we need to not only open our eyes to what's around us but our minds. We can't just close our minds to new ideas and new facts proven by science. We seem to block out things that go against what we grew up believing. Through doing that we don't think to be to be open and respectful to what other people think or believe. You can't change the world if we don't think about the views of others.

When writing you can speak your mind and say what needs to be said without having to directly say it out loud. So then the truth can come out. Thats why through writing or through art work we show the truth. We change the world by sharing what needs to be said. Saying a message that only you can say. Change the world by expressing your self and showing your views in doing so you would be slowly changing the world because you would be doing what most people never do, by being different and showing others they can be different to. We dont have to fallow society when society has gone bad. Showing the good in society or the faults of society and the fats in the world. Show what changes you want to see because chances are someone out there want the same change.
We are the people that make up the world we live in. A change in the world starts with one person speaking up and being different. A change spreads by people standing together but stand in peace don't start a war. Be the change you want to see in society and in the people around you.

Never think you are not important or can't make a change because you can. The most important thing to be is the best you can be. You also must be the best the best of humanity.

The author's comments:

I was simply inspired by the world around me and how a change can be made by one person. Even a small change could make an impact on the world.

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