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January 22, 2009
By HeyyitsRed SILVER, Centreville, Virginia
HeyyitsRed SILVER, Centreville, Virginia
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If you fail and fail and give up; you've achieved nothing. If you fail and fail and try again; you've succeeded.

Sitting in the back of the classroom. Waiting in anticipation. Did I study enough? Maybe. Should I have taken it more seriously? Maybe. But it’s too late for that now. Still waiting, still panting. Doodling on a piece of paper. It seems everyone has theirs back but me. I wait as patiently as I can. Doodle, wait, doodle, wait. I did put my name on it right? So, I think. And I wait. And I doodle. One, two, three, and me: the only ones empty-handed. Is my teacher saving the worst for last? No think positive; the best for last? No I couldn’t have done that well. So, I wait. I question. I pant. I doodle. I think. I wonder. And now the moment of truth. My paper has arrived at last.

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