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Violence in the Capital

January 14, 2009
By Nathan BRONZE, London, Other
Nathan BRONZE, London, Other
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Is going out for a game of Tennis something to consider about before stepping out of the front door? Why do we encounter so many fools in our life time? It was the fact, however, that whilst arranging to meet up with a friend for a game of tennis, I travelled on my bike, down to his house, cutting through the park I treck through, day in, day out of my every day life. Though, whilst I were about to thrash my mate at a good old fashioned game of tennis, I was stopped by some older youths, who were asking whether I had any items they might want. Now, before they approached both I and my mate, I was told not to say anything in response to thier questions, and I ofcourse didnt listen to this, because I was in a situation that I had never been in before,and also, I was frightened. But I stood up for myself, by telling these much older youths to back of, which probably wasn't the best thing to say, after re-cieving a smack to the face, but what came out of all this is that they never actually got anything of mine, for example, my bike or any of my other possessions. However, thats not to say that I was let of lightly. What I am trying to say is that there is danger wherever you turn, and that you have to be alert at all times, knowing whats going on all around you. Around Britain, there are far too many casualties involving youths who turn on others who dont deserve the insults they recieve for having nice bikes and better cloths. However, we can all make a difference. I sometimes ask myself why we all cant get on with one another, but I guess the answer to that is that everyones different, though we can all make an effort. Wouldnt the life we lead be a far better place and wouldnt we all live in peace? Theres a question to think about. If we all try to make a difference, we can achieve, and by achieveing, we're proving those who dont do good wrong, that we're all stiving for a better society than what we've got already, and that should be our aim for all of us young adults out there.

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