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Interviewing Peter Buffett MAG

October 21, 2010
By CamilleCasse BRONZE, Kleinbug, Other
CamilleCasse BRONZE, Kleinbug, Other
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Peter Buffett, who is a musician, composer, and philanthropist, can now happily add author to his biography. Being a son of the brilliant Warren Buffett, Peter could have had things handed to him on any kind of platter he wanted; however, Mr. and Mrs. Buffett had something else in mind. In fact, inside Peter's new book, Life is What You Make It: Finding Your Own Path to Fulfillment, he tells us that the only real inheritance his parents gave him was the philosophy to 'forge your own path in life'.
Therefore, when I got the opportunity to talk with Peter, I couldn't turn it down. After all, how often does someone get to have a conversation with a man that has such an inspirational view on life? The interview went great, and the best part about it was how stripped down and pure his answers were. You could tell that when we were asking questions, we weren't just any interviewers looking for the latest gossip, we truly wanted his opinions, and we got them.

By far, I would have to say that there was one answer, among all his great ones, that stood out to me like the sun in a clear sky. "What is your definition of success?" we asked him. Any odd person could have said, money, family, accomplishing your goals, helping others, and those would have all been valid answers; but his was something more. His answer was simple, 'waking up and being exactly where you want to be.' That's success; no glossy layers, no sugar coating. It's being where you want to be, and that philosophy, along with many other I learned from Peter, will hopefully stay with me for many years, as I find my own path to fulfillment.

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