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Lacey Mosley

December 13, 2010
By horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
horselove146 GOLD, Scituate, Massachusetts
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Have you ever wondered, “Who sings that song on the radio?” or “What is the background on that artist’s life?” Well I have. Have you ever heard of a band named “Flyleaf”? The lead singer, who has had many struggles, is named Lacey Mosley. Not a lot of people know who she is, but she has a very interesting, sad, and happy life. Lacey. “Flyleaf” is an alternative band from Texas. The band members are very talented, but the big star in the band is Lacey Mosley. Despite the many obstacles that Lacey Mosley has had to overcome in her lifetime, Lacey has become a very talented and unique musician.

Lacey Nicole Mosley was born on September 4th, 1981, in Arlington, Texas. As a little girl, Lacey was an outspoken atheist who lived with her Mom, and her five brothers and sisters. When she was younger she was an out spoken atheist. At the age of ten she started using drugs, and by the age of fourteen she began getting into even more drugs, that were worse. “I was trying to figure out who I was and anything to separate me from my family, or to separate me from my situation at home was good to me.”, she said. “It was like a war zone going home.” For Christmas that year she got a bass guitar, and she started playing Greenday and Nirvana songs, with her brother who also played the guitar.

When Lacey reached the age of sixteen, there was a very big family fight, and the police became involved. Lacey was taken away from her family. She was sent to live at her grand-parents house in Gulfport, Mississippi. When she moved there she joined a band that needed a bass player and she also started singing for them, as well as playing the bass guitar. At the same time, Lacey started learning how to play the guitar, rather than the bass guitar, so she could write her own songs too. To write songs you need to have normal notes on the guitar, so she learned how to play the guitar. During the year she moved she went through depression, and had many suicidal thoughts. Lacey said, at the time, “I lost my boyfriend, I lost my brothers and sisters that I watched every day, and I lost my drugs that I did. I really felt like that was the end. So I decided to kill myself the next day.” The next day Lacey was going to kill herself, but her grand-mother pushed her to go to church. In church the priest came up to her and asked her to give God a chance, and let God help her. After she went to church, she says, “My life totally changed after….” She began playing the guitar, and singing songs by herself, and quit the band she was in. “I used to be in a really negative band, and that seemed to almost fuel my emptiness because that’s what songs were about.”, she had said.

After a little while Lacey went back to visit her mother in Arlington, Texas, and did not go back to Mississippi. She soon found a new band in Arlington, but when the band broke up she moved to Temple, Texas. She met a drummer there, named James Culpepper, and they began writing songs together. Lacey auditioned for a band named ‘Sporos” with Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya. After being rejected, Lacey and James decided to create a band with Jared and Sameer, and they went through two bass players before the found Pat Seals, and they became “Passerby”. In June 2004, the band changed their name to “Flyleaf”. “Flyleaf’s” songs are about drug addiction, abuse, and dysfunction. Before they were famous, they used to sing out of cars to have an audience. Their song, “I’m So Sick”, began playing on the modern rock radio. Before the band knew it, their album began to soar. In 2006 the album was #90 on the Billboard. The album sold over 100,000 copies, in 2006. “I’m So Sick”, is a typical alt-rock fare, it is about, “…balances between brutal self evisceration and wide-eyed, unabashed spirituality…” “Flyleaf” is a loud Christian rock band. “I’m So Sick”, is also about how we live in a messed up world, and have to protect our surroundings, you feel messed up when you grow up. “Flyleaf” said, “We all share the same faith. And so when we deal with the whole ‘Christian Band thing’, we kind of think something P.O.D. says, like, ‘If you’re a Christian, it affects everything in your life... we’re a band, it’s part of who we are, so it comes out in our music, and it’s the fuel for what we do…”

Even though she had a very tough life she pushed through it. Lacey Mosley is very talented and she is very successful. One thing that is important about Lacey is she accomplished a dream by believing she could. Lacey is a great inspiration, because of her tough life, and her ability to do things. Despite her struggles, overall Lacey is a very talented musician.

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