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Singer and America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist Nathaniel Kenyon

February 17, 2011
By xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
xxPaulinka GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"You're like a bassist. You do a lot and no one seems to notice, until you stop."

Nathaniel Kenyon, a twenty year old from Baxley, Georgia, was a contestant in the singing department of America’s Got Talent. You might remember him for his performances of Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" or Matt Nathanson's "Come On Get Higher".

When did you decide to pursue music?
I have been involved in music since I was like 12, but it wasn't until the first “yes” on AGT that I really thought about music as a possibility.

How did you get started?
I was in a school choir when I was 12, Cool Kids Choir. We did rap, rock, etc. My first solo was Rolling Stones "Can't Get No Satisfaction".

What's your motivation for when you write songs?
I write songs about personal feelings and things I feel people can relate to.

Is anyone else in your family musically talented?
All of my sisters sing. I perform with my sister Emily a lot. She has a music Myspace with some of her songs. My uncle Steve is a singer for 16 Frames and some of his music has been on the Hills, and recently Jersey Shore. So yes, some family talent.

Who are your influences?
Influences are Daughtry and Rob Thomas, but I like all kinds of music.

Before America's Got Talent, did you have any live performances? Where?
Before AGT, I sang in a few bands with friends, local stuff.

Why did you choose to try out for America's Got Talent instead of trying out for singing in American Idol?
A friend suggested AGT, and the rest is history.

Were you nervous to try out for AGT?
Original tryout, I was not nervous. I was not expecting anything, considering how many people were trying out.

What was it like to be on the show?
It was an amazing experience to be on the show.

How often did you practice before each performance on AGT?
We practiced daily the week before the show.

How did it feel to make into the Semifinals?
It was awesome to make it into the semifinals, and I was extremely grateful to all those who voted for me.

Do you think that your music ability progressed throughout the competition?
I believe I did make some progress over time, but allowed my nerves to get the better of me.

What was your favorite memory from AGT?
The whole experience, meeting great people, the joking with Howie. The whole thing.

How did you feel when you got voted off?
When I got voted off, yes it sucked, but I was still happy for those who made it through. I made friendships with the other contestants.

Any regrets from AGT?
No regrets. Just not conquering my nerves.

What have you been doing since the show?
Since the show, I have taken a breather, but am looking to move forward and pursue music. I have great fans. My webpage,, is up. I released my first EP on CD Baby and iTunes, and look forward to getting out and performing.

From having a friend suggest America’s Got Talent to releasing his own EP, In The End, Nathaniel Kenyon has come very far. Just shows that if you are not sure about trying something, just do it! You never know where you will end up. We are very grateful for Nathaniel answering our questions, and suggest that you all go out and buy In The End.

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