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actor charlie sheen

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Charlie sheen is a very successful television actor. He was born in New York City on September 3rd 1965. He is 45 years old right now. He makes 1.8 million dollars for every episode of two and a half men. He has a wife and 5 kids but has been separated from them.,

Charlie sheens success started when he played in scary movie 3. Charlie sheen was also in “major league”, the “big bounce” and his award winning show two and a half men. In this year 2011 he went to rehab for his crack addiction. He smokes crack the size of tennis balls.

Charlie sheens father thinks that Charlie has courage and that he is going through “hell” and it is not easy he just needs support and a lot of help to get through this hard time his father calls “hell” for Charlie.

The new news on Charlie sheen is that he kissed jimmy kimmel on ABC the was giving fans high fives and he went over to jimmy and kissed him on the lips on march,18,2011. Jimmy was surprised but didn’t seem to react in a angry or embarrassed, he just smiled and starting interviewing Charlie sheen. On this interview Charlie admitted he was going to buy seven grand’s of crack.

Charlie sheen has a unacceptable crack addiction but he is going to rehab and trying to get over it but he is not doing good because he is still smoking and buying it. His father seems to support him and Charlie keeps saying he will change and stop smoking. He wants to stop smoking because he has gotten separated from his family of 5 kids. Charlie is changing and taking his time doing it and is trying very hard to stop smoking to keep his career and keep his family.

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mikey2.0 said...
on Apr. 29 2011 at 9:28 am
First off, this isn't an interview. It needs to be in the Celebrity Opinion section, which is what this is: opinion. Second, you seriously need to check your grammar.