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Ms. Seamen

April 24, 2009
By JessicaOchoa SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
JessicaOchoa SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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I groaned. Physical education everyday?! The whole day I was dreading the arrival of sixth hour. I can’t do push ups. What’s a gluteus maximums? How could I ever live through this workout nightmare? Walking across the gym I stared at my classmates. I hear them chattering on and on about their hair getting messed up; and God for bid they’re going to break a sweat! I ran to sit next to my friends. “They say she’s a witch,” one said. It can’t be that bad, I thought. Then she walked in. “Hello, my name is Ms. Seamen. I will be your P.E teacher for this year.” I looked around. Fear in everyone’s eyes. That was the beginning of a year that might have changed my life.

The first two weeks we learned nothing. We swam at the Washington pool. About 10 out of 30 girls weren’t afraid to get their hair wet. The rest sat on the edge talking about their new boy friends, or all the drama that’s already going on after just a week. I rolled my eyes as I dove in the water. I could hear the girls that were not in their bathing suits complain about not being swim and having to walk around the pool in the blistering sun. That put Ms. Seamen on an incredibly awful note. I had nothing against her.

When it was time to get down to business, she taught us so many things. I will never look at cheeseburgers and fries the same way again. Swallowing one bite of it turns to sugar and goes straight to your butt. Ms. Seamen gave me the determination to actually run a full lap without stopping. It didn’t feel like pressure, but it made me wake up and realize that I needed to step up and fix myself. I went from 2 push ups to 14. I ran a half of a lap without stopping to 2 laps without stopping. A mile took me 13 minutes to run now it only takes me ten! Everyone I know wishes they never encountered Ms. Seamen. But me; I would love to have her all four of my high school years just because she is such an extreme teacher and phenomenal person! Thank you, Ms. Seamen and keep up the encouraging work!

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