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Mr. Antony

July 3, 2009
By Jarett Kallas GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jarett Kallas GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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When I first entered Mr. Antony’s classroom, I had no idea what kind of learning would be taking place over the next two years. I was a stupid sophomore. The only thing I knew about chemistry was that atoms were incredibly small and the periodic table was important for some reason.

The first thing I immediately noticed about Mr. A was his unbelievable wealth of knowledge. At first I thought he was just your average super smart sciency dude. He certainly looked the part with his white hair, glasses, and tie. But I was wrong. You do not have to spend much time around Mr. A to realize that he isn’t someone of average intellect.

I often found myself sitting in one of Mr. A’s lectures wondering why he was a teacher. Here is a person that could just as easily have been working for NASA or discovering elements but instead he chose to teach a bunch of ignorant teenagers. The only answer I ever came up with is that he must really love teaching.

This fact was also evident in his dedication to his students. Mr. A was at school an hour early every day and he did not leave until two or three hours after school was over. He was always willing to work with you to do an experiment after school if you needed extra credit or just wanted to learn something new. This dedication inspired me to work even harder in his class.

Mr. A is an amazing teacher because of his wealth of knowledge, love of teaching, and dedication to his students. He deserves an award just as much as anybody for being such an excellent educator.

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True story.

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