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Mrs. Hamilton-Basketball

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Towering above the students and the staff at 6’3”, she stands with power and authority. She is not only helpful in the special needs learning center, but she is also committed to coaching. When it comes to basketball, she runs the show on and off the court by looking after her athletes, like we are her own daughters. A helpful teacher, charismatic coach, and honest friend, Mrs. Hamilton is it all. With the attitude of a champion and a heart filled with energy, she has the perfect combination for an awesome coach.

Mrs. Hamilton not only teach us skills on the court, but she also teaches us life lessons throughout the whole season. She teaches us to be honest. Mrs. Hamilton always tells us, if we don’t work hard, we are only cheating ourselves. This is one of the greatest lessons I have learned. She teaches us to not only use that motto on the basketball court, but to also use it in everyday life.

One of her best qualities is her passion for the game. Every practice, no matter how bad her day was, she is always fired up. This not only makes us girls want to play, but it makes us want to play better than we ever have. She encourages us to never give up and to be the best we can be.
Not only is she passionate on the court, but in the classroom as well. During the school day, she works with children who have learning disabilities and struggle with reading. Mrs. Hamilton works so hard to help these kids learn and is not satisfied until they do. She encourages everyone to live up to their full potential, and that makes her an amazing role model.

Mrs. Hamilton is not just a coach and teacher, but she is a friend. She makes me feel so comfortable when I walk in her room. I can talk to her about anything and she has helped me with basketball, school, and even boys. She always has some advice or understanding for the situation.
Mrs. Hamilton is like a lighthouse. She is tall, strong, and always guides her students with her bright light of inspiration. She is a perfect model of an educator, coach, and friend.

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