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Rae Nugent-Social Studies

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Ms. Rae Nugent was my seventh grade teacher who is caring, fun, and down to earth. She inspired me to learn more and more each day because she is not afraid to speak her mind.
She would tell you a week or two before there was going to be a quiz or test. Every time there was a test, she would give out candy to help my thinking skills. When I needed help on homework or on a quiz, Ms. Nugent was ready to help and give hints, but not the answer. For example, this one time I needed help on some basic social studies homework I did not understand it at all. I went into her classroom for extra help and Ms. Nugent helped me with no complaints. She sat there and explained the homework to me as best as she could without giving the answers. Ms. Nugent is an amazing teacher. She knows how to teach intelligently.
Ms. Rae Nugent is a very friendly teacher. Whenever I needed a smile or just a friendly hello, Ms. Nugent is the person I went to. She is always there for a conversation.
When I run into her at the grocery store or anywhere else, I stop what I am doing to talk to her. When I use to work at the local grocery store, Piggly Wiggly, Ms. Nugent would always call me her "Dang Pig". After that, our friendship just grew more and more.
Ms. Nugent is still my friend to this day. She will always be an intelligent mentor to me. This is why I think she should be the Educator of the Year. She is the type of teacher every student wants to have.

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