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Mrs. Templet

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Mrs. Templet is a freshman English 9, CP English, yearbook and homeroom teacher. Her style of teaching is to do a daily assignment then she will explain the task in a few words and let us go work on it with our friends. She sometimes minds who we work with but as long as we get our job done then she is okay with it. When we read in her class we will do popcorn reading or she will choose random people and if you don’t want to read you don’t have to. Also, what I like about her is that she gives you months for a project ands sometimes will extend the deadline. For the school she runs the newspaper, which I am on. She creates an excellent won too and lets you write about what you want to write. Also, for the school she will stay after and help out the kids who are struggling in class. Mrs. Templet is really caring and I mean maybe not to other students but I think she is.

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