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Mr. Bear

January 26, 2009
By Hannah Hopson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Hannah Hopson BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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My band teacher is a wonderful inspiration to me. Mr. Bear is a wonderful teacher. He helps me learn new notes and he helps others also. He is different from all of the other teachers because he’s a band teacher and because he yells at us but in a good way.

Mr. Bear is funny and fun to be around because unlike other teachers he tells you what you did wrong but he also helps you figure it out along the way. Sometimes kids don’t like him because he can be very strict. But what they don’t know is that if you try hard to get on his good side then he’s a lot more fun.

In class he will tell you jokes and like yell them to the class and it makes me and my classmates jump out of our seats. He will help you learn notes and help you tune your instrument. He can play practically every instrument but his instrument is a saxophone and he’s really good at it.

My friends say that when they walk down the hall past his classroom, he talks to them and is incredibly nice. He can be mean when people get on his nerves. In class he gives us the silent treatment but my friend always breaks it cause he is a trouble maker.

In the end Mr. Bear is an awesome, cool and a wonderful teacher and I am so, so very happy that not only is he my band teacher but he is a good teacher!

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