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Dr. Gargoyle Johnson

October 8, 2010
By Mistraven GOLD, Brookton, Maine
Mistraven GOLD, Brookton, Maine
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Divine help me, I'm An Athenian In a school of Spartans!

My second favorite teacher was affectionally called by many of his students, Dr. Gargoyle Johnson. He was the best science teacher that our small insignificant school in this backwoods town ten miles past the ends of the earth, ever had. His teaching methods were unorthodox, and a tad bit strange, but we learned more that year than any year before or since. Sadly his appointment lasted only two years. This was due to the vindictive, self-centered, principle at the time, who for some unknowable reason, was after the science teachers position.
He proceeded to shoot down every, single attempt to apply for grants, free programs, new (and seriously needed) lab equipment, and opposed Mr. Johnson’s attempt to give some of his own pocket money for text books.

Soon enough the tension between the two, grew so strenuous, that Mr. Johnson soon turned in his recognition after, being opposed the principal and his supporters like the lackadaisical history teacher, who has his students do nothing but watch movies and do book work, and the math teacher who is the type of teacher who will go through papers at 50000 MPH and expect you to do 160 math problems for homework and left the school at the end of the year. With almost half the high school pleading with him no to leave. So a small backwoods town ten miles past the ends of the earth, lost a brilliant educator, as well as his wife who was a well liked M.D.

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