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My Great Grandmother

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

My great grandmother has influenced me by showing me that I should live my life to my fullest. She is always a great role model for her great grandchildren.

My great grandmother is in her eighties, and still lives like she never aged. For instance, she once received two speeding tickets in one week while driving her Cadillac around South Carolina. She always smiles and rarely gets upset, stressed, or angry about anything. And as she ages she is constantly in pain from her back, legs, and knees, but that doesn’t stop her from putting on her pointy, red high heels and enjoying life. Her husband, my great grandfather James, died quite some time ago, but she is not saddened from it; she knows he is in a better place. My great grandmother is a good, Christian woman who is kind, passionate, and loving—I strive have the same morals she embraces.

After learning from my great grandmother, I have made positive decisions. I am kind and loving to everyone I meet; it is almost impossible for me to be truly mean to anyone. I have set goals for myself and endeavor to be an entrepreneur of multiple venues after going through graduate schools; I want most of my businesses to focus on helping others. I am currently in advanced placement and honors classes, but I like to live my life and have fun too. But when I’m at school, I enjoy German and art classes. Art is very important to me and I love seeing how other people express their personality and feelings. My family always tells me that I look like my great grandfather, but I got my smile from my great grandmother. I am always happy and try to spread my happiness to others; in elementary school my nickname was Smiley.

My great grandmother is one of the greatest, most positive role models in my life. She has helped me make superb choices whether she realizes it or not, like pushing myself to do things. I will continue to follow her awesome example; I aspire to be like my great grandmother.

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