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Anything But Ordinary

January 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine a 25 year old man in long, baggy shorts, a large Colts tee-shirt, and a faded, gray Yankees ball cap. He most likely goes out to clubs at night, sits and watches ball games all day, and flirts with his young, hot girlfriend. This may be what most men in their twenties do with their spare time, but for CJ Backer, this life is non existent. Although he loves watching and playing sports, he avoids the “night club scene” and sees the purpose of dating as a means to find the woman he will marry. I believe everyone should have a hero like CJ because he is selfless, trustworthy, and altogether fun to be around.

CJ loves being a youth minister at Central Christian Church and he enjoys the company of others. Once, during a bible study called forum, He talked to us about abuse and people who go their whole childhood abused by their parents and never tell anyone. That was soon after I found out one of my friends had been physically abused by her parents. I then told CJ her dilemma because I felt that if there was anyone I could trust to help me, it would be him. He helped me solve the issue by talking to my friend and her parents. To this day, CJ is the only person I have told about my friend, and he has never let me down by telling anyone else. Many people and I believe that CJ is one of the most trustworthy people we will ever meet because of his caring, and gentle personality.
His biggest success was graduating from college. He obtained a youth ministry degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. It took him six years. He was very proud of his achievement because it involved a lot of stressful work. He believes that his biggest obstacle in life is himself. Many times he struggles with laziness at school, which is why it took him six years to finish college. He is not the type of person who likes strict, organized classes that require him to sit all day and concentrate on subjects he is not passionate about. He now works hard everyday to overcome obstacles that he himself helps keep him from succeeding such as the Sunday and Tuesday night lessons he teaches students weekly. His personality and persistency with succeeding has greatly improved since his difficult college career. Although he has maintained and succeeded in most of his responsibilities since college, he remains completely down to earth and humble.

CJ says he hopes that he is an influential person, “not by what I say and the opportunities to say them, but the examples I set for others”. Many people believe that he is an influential person for that very reason. He has affected many people of all ages in many ways. Once, I was struggling with friends backstabbing me at school, and I had no clue how to deal with it. CJ took time out of his own busy life to sit down with me and show me how to deal with my friends in a loving, Christian-like manner. He was a very selfless person for taking time out of his schedule to help me with a problem that did not directly connect to him at all. He still does this for his students and friends, and he always sends an open invitation to everyone that needs to talk.
Our student ministries at Central Christian Church have participated in many retreats and activities such as Rainbow Christian Camp in Converse, Indiana, turkey run, Chicago, houseboat, and many other trips to reconnect with ourselves and God. These trips are very exciting and fun for not only the students, but adult volunteers as well. CJ and our other youth minister, Danny Wright, put these trips together and always have entertaining and spiritual lessons for these mini-adventures we go on as students. CJ loves to chill out and have fun with his students as well as hold very Godly and spiritual discussions. Over time, he has obtained a great balance between having fun and taking things very seriously.
CJ would also like to be remembered by how God spoke through him to others, changing the way people think and feel towards Christianity. He does not want to be viewed as a lifeline, just “helping people towards Christ for another person’s benefit”. If CJ could change one thing about the world, he would most likely change people’s view of others. People need to stop saying “that’s so horrible” and then continue on with what they are doing and completely forget. “We all need to realize that to make the world a better place; we must not only help ourselves, but help others to create one, big picture of unity.”

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