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Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The speed, the thrill. The races, the drivers. The passes, the wins. Who could forget all of the crashes? This is NASCAR!
NASCAR was founded on February 21, 1948, by William France, Sr. At first, it was just a way for racers to earn money and bragging rights. Eventually, the cars evolved into sleeker, faster racing vehicles. The engines grew bigger and stronger, allowing for even more speed. As the cars and engines evolved, so did the drivers. Legends were born, including the Earnhardts.
I grew up watching the NASCAR races with my family on Sunday afternoons. We would cheer, boo, scream, and sometimes, my parents would curse if someting really bad happened! Our favorite drivers were Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr., and Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale, Sr., died February 18th, 2001 at the Daytona 500, on the last lap in turn four. But my all-time favorite driver is Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr!
Once, I went to a NASCAR Bush Series race at the Dover Speedway in Dover, Delawre. The sound of the engines reving got my pulse rushing. The sound of the cars zooming out of the turns got my heart racing, and the smell of the rubber burning, the exhaust billowing out of the mufflers, and the sight of the cars made me want to race. My dream is to become a future NHRA dragracer.
Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. drives the number 88, white and green, Amp/National Guard car for Hendrick Motorsports. So far this season, he has won the Budweiser Shootout, and won the first Gatorade Duel. He started 3rd for the Daytona 500, but finished 9th. Dale, Jr.'s carrer is really looking up with the wins and top ten placing. I expect him to win a lot more races this season. I even suspect he could become the NASCAR Sprint Series Champion this year!

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