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May 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Emerging from the womb of a figure
that I call my mother.
The epitome of a hero,
determined to raise an angel in this land of devils.

Baby of the ghetto,
filled with a desire to shatter her walls of struggle.
Blessed with a heart of flowers,
blossoming everyday into something more beautiful.

A walk with a quick pace.
A face so stern,
intimidation engulfed by the inmates at her prison-
a fear often experienced by others she encounters.

A soft side emerges behind the scenes.
At home- a friend, a mother.

Who nurtures during periods of pain?

Who motivates when failure takes over?

Who brings sunshine when all I see is rain?

Who’s there when ‘true’ friends exist no longer?

a guardian angel.
Wings spread wide to protect me,
defending my dream to one day shine
like the light I see in her.

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