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Father Steve P. MAG

By Anonymous

     Before I was born, something terriblehappened. My father had an injury to his spinal cord which made itharder and harder for him to use his body. In spite of this, my parentsstuck together.

When my dad became wheelchair-bound, manyhardships resulted. Everyday tasks were a challenge and our family hadto make enormous changes so my dad‘s life would be manageable. Atthe time we lived in a split-level house but we decided to move to aranch-style home. We built wider doors so his wheelchair could fit, aswell as having larger rooms and open hallways. All of these changeshelped tremendously.

As you can see, my dad has gone through alot. I respect him so much for keeping his spirits up. My dad neverloses hope that there will be a cure for his injury. If you ask me, thattakes a lot of courage and a strength that few have.

Even thoughmy dad is handicapped, it doesn‘t mean that he can‘t help mewith homework, or give advice. Actually, he is the person I go to most.He is still the same person inside. I have learned that people withdisabilities are no different from anyone else.

My dad is one ofthe kindest people I have ever known. Even with his problem, he actsnormal and always puts us first and him second. I am so proud of him foralways staying positive and keeping his head high. Someday I believethey will find a cure. Steve P. is not only my dad, he is my hero.Always and forever! Thanks, Dad!

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i love this so much!