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By Anonymous

   Doyou ever sit and watch the clouds go by? As they travel through the sky, you maythink of the many people who have floated in and out of your life. I have, and asI watched the clouds change shape and float out of sight, I began to think abouteverything I had been through. I noticed that while many have helped, some standout more than others.

Teachers play a major role in children's lives. Theyoften go above and beyond the call of duty, teaching not only academics, buthelping them recognize their untapped potential. Isn't it strange that I havetechnically never been a student of the teacher who has been most influential inmy life?

My father has been a teacher for over 20 years and has taughtmany things to the children in his classroom. Even though I was never one ofthose students, his gift for teaching touched my life, changing me forever. Sincethe day I was born, my father has given me love, support and assurance. He neverlets me forget how special I am and that I can do whatever I want in life. Hismost valuable lesson was never to give up. This was not a lesson easily learnedfor me as I struggled with schoolwork. Many times these problems made me feellike I couldn't make it through another day. I wanted to give up, but my dad,being a teacher as well as a parent, understood what I was goingthrough.

He knew the importance of a good education and helped me getthrough my work. What I didn't always realize is that while I may have given upon myself, my father never did. He always stood by my side supporting andencouraging me. That belief helped me turn my life around. I learned that thesecret to success is to always have faith in yourself. Your life is what you makeit.

My father has dedicated his life to helping children succeed in lifeand education. He is equally dedicated to helping me become a good person. Istill struggle with things, and, on occasion, doubt my ability to get through asituation, but he is always there to guide me back to the right path.

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i love this so much!

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this is sooo true, i really enjoyed reading this. Pleaz chek out my wrk if you can. Thanks