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Not Just Your Typical Hero

September 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Many times when a person thinks of a hero, they think of someone with superpowers or superhuman strength. However, when I think of the word hero, I think of someone who expresses compassion and love to everyone and who stands by God even when things seem unbearable and unfair. Despite the hardships and heartache that have been thrown her way, Melissa is my heroic figure because she continues to love God, she comes out stronger through adversity, she stays positive, and she is selfless and determined. For this, I admire my aunt’s strength and stamina to fight through even the most difficult situations.
The life Melissa lived has shaped the way she is today. Melissa was born in Indianapolis and grew up in Noblesville, Indiana. She is the youngest of three girls, one of which is my mother. Melissa is a full time mom, and she also manages expenses for consultants at McKinsey

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