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Inexplicable Abandonment Forever

November 13, 2008
By Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
Scott Reel GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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They were the best; they got you through everything, and they were your of a kind. They were on time every time and they wore a smile when sometimes they shouldn't have. They were on your side when you hit rock bottom and lost your way up. They were normal; they had a family, a life, a past, a future. They were going to be somebody and they got closer to that everyday they were alive. Not only did they mature into that person but they helped you mature simultaneously. They had faith, they had heart, they had soul and you respected them. On this day you awoke only to find them gone. At a moment you would never expect they abandoned you against their will. There are not words for this quandary and there is no explanation. Today the followers of that hero, your hero, are lost. The lord on this dark day has taken your hero for no reason that you can ponder. They did not deserve to go and that person they will never become is lost in the future. Grieve this day away and remember who that person was to you. Love them today and celebrate who they were and who they would have become. It was there time and the lord doesn't need an explanation, tomorrow they will be watching over you and pushing you from a different place...that place is from within. Don't lose faith. Fill the grief with love and respect, and know they are still with you wanting you to accomplish what you and they were fighting to accomplish from day one. They will never be lost...heroes are never forgotten...

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