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Am I really a hero?

April 10, 2014
By ChasityTaylor SILVER, Denham Springs, Louisiana
ChasityTaylor SILVER, Denham Springs, Louisiana
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It was the day of the highschool homecoming game. I was staying with my grandmother, while my mom, sister, and grandfather went to the game. That day my grandmother wasn't feeling well, so she went and took a nap.

When it was time to leave they went in tge back to say good bye to my grandmother. Once they left I took my laptop, and went into my mom's old room.

I was lying on the bed watching a shoe on YouTube, when I heard my grandmother call for my grandfather.

I thought it was strange at first because she knew he wasn't homd, but then I thought it was just a force of habit. So I went to her room to see what she needed. That's when my life turned upsidedown.

When I walked in her room she was surprised that I was there. I told her why I was there, and everything that had happened, but she just couldn't remember. I was so freaked out. I wanted to just go run and hide, but as much as I wanted to, I held it in and tried to remain calm. Then I got the phone and called momma.

The whole time I was doing this my grandmother kept saying that she was sorry. Once my mom and grandfather got there, my sisterand I went in my mom's old room curled up on the bed together, and cried. This was so scarey. I didn't know what was going on.

Mom had called 911 and so an ambulance was on it's way. My sister and I went outside. She drove the truck into the yard facing the road, and I stood by it's door. As we waited for the sirens to get close, so we could flag them down, I was shaking, and so was my sister.
Once the amblance got there they took her to the hospital. This was the first of many trips to the hospital that summer. I know that hospital like the back of my hand. Anyway, they found out what was wrong and fixed it.

My grandmother got better for about two months. In that time she kept calling me her "hero" and kept telling me how proud she wad of how I handled the situation. She even took me to my faveriot restrant as payment.

Then she got sick again, but still called me her hero. I started to not like it. Here I was her suposed "hero" and I couldn't do anything to help. I spend most of that summer I cried in prived, and hid my emotions in public because I don't like crying in frount of people.

Then she got so bad that the doctors...basically said that there was no hope. Then she got better again for a few weeks, then it got bad again. She was in and out of the hospital. Then she came home for good, but they brought Hospice.

She passed away a few days later.

So here I am now my grandmother's "hero", but I couldn't do anything to save her.

The author's comments:
My summer was spent at the hosoital with my grandmother. Comments welcome.

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on Jun. 13 2014 at 10:14 pm
ChasityTaylor SILVER, Denham Springs, Louisiana
7 articles 0 photos 34 comments

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"In terms of noodles, all bets on Trump."- my very strange friends

Thank you!

on Jun. 13 2014 at 6:14 pm
Olivia-Atlet ELITE, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri
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This is really well written. Great job! And sometimes there aren't any medicines or therapies that can help, so don't sweat it. She called you her hero, so that's what you are. :)