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I Talked to the Student That Runs a Bad Parking Instagram Account at My School

March 15, 2022
By httpshaylee GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
httpshaylee GOLD, Arvada, Colorado
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Instagram pages exposing students around schools are on the rise right now. From catching students sleeping during class to calling out bad posture, the account that has seen the most success at my school is undoubtedly a page dedicated to bad parking.

Since its creation on November 8, the account has seen a massive amount of popularity accumulating an impressive 1,000 followers and averaging 235 likes per post. Co-owned by two anonymous students at my school, the account encourages other students to send them pictures through DM to be posted on the page and makes sure to blur out license plates to preserve privacy.

Reflecting back on why they started the account, one of the account owners explains, “I noticed other schools are doing it as well so I figured I could just make everyone relate to the same thing and start a parking Instagram.”

Considering the account has only been up for a short amount of time, it is hard to find students that do not know of the account as conversations spark about it in the halls nearly every day. The owner explains that the account was started with the intent of exposing bad parking and hoping to promote students to do better.

“A lot of people tell me that they have to go up and adjust because they’re nervous to be on the Instagram. I think I’ve seen better parking since I’ve started it for sure,” they explain.

I talked with a junior at my school that has fallen victim to this account many times already and the initial intention of exposing people to park better is proving to be effective in her case.

“I’m just not great at parking, which I guess is clear, but since being put on the account I am more mindful of what my parking looks like or how it may affect other people,” she explains.

Promoting better parking is just one of the many fun parts of owning this page that people just cannot seem to get enough of.

Reflecting on the joys of having this account, the creator states, “I like when people comment and expose their friends or expose other people like ‘hey, is this your car?’ so I think when I see people comment on each other’s posts when it’s their friends is my favorite part.”

As to why the account has seen such a fast and dedicated fanbase, the creator has a theory.

“I think it’s something that everyone can relate to and I feel like I’ve heard people talk about it and get close to someone based on my account so I feel like it kind of creates friends in that way,” the account owner describes.

One part of the account that makes it so likable and relatable to the high school audience is the humorous aspect of it. With the funny captions and banter with people in the comments, the account owner keeps things lighthearted.

The same student mentioned above explains, “I do find the account very funny and I think it’s a very harmless and fun way to cultivate community at the school and allows for students to bond over the humor of people who park bad,” she continues, “The owner of the account isn’t coming from a place of meanness or intending to bully, they’re just having a bit of fun.”

Students are loving this account which brings up the question of whether it will continue to live on or not. The account owner has already through their plans for the future of the Instagram account.

They express, “I feel like I want to continue it. I mean, obviously, when it comes summer, I’m probably going to stop. But I feel like when it becomes time for me to graduate, I definitely want to pass it on to someone else because I want this to continue on.”

As the account only continues to gain more traction and followers, the notorious bad parker offers some advice for people who may be scared of becoming the next victim in that, “If you have enough time to readjust to a straighter parking job, it benefits the other people who park in the lot and keeps you from being made fun of on the page.”

When all else fails, students are encouraged to take the wise and simple words of the account owners to avoid being put on the page, “Just park like a human, and you won’t end up on this account.”

The author's comments:

Instagram pages dedicated to schools are all the hype right now, and at my school, a bad parking page has really taken off. I wanted to get into the head of the owner of this account and see their motives and future plans for it going forward. I love how they don't take themselves too seriously and how much my school is enjoying this account. 


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