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School's Future: Teacher vs. Student Opinion

October 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Students and teachers should get the opportunity to decide what happens in their schools. There are many school policies in our schools that most people do not like. We would want these policies to be changed, equal to students, teachers, faculty, dean, etc. What if you had the opportunity, like be the king of your school? This interview shows two points of views, one from a teacher and one from a student; on what they would do if this opportunity came knocking on their door.

Q. What are some things you would like to keep the same about this school?
T: All of the clubs so the kids could get involved in school activities.
S1: Open School Policy. The Cafeteria is not that big of a space that would fit lots of students. This policy would lower the population of students in the cafeteria. It would also give the chance for students to go back home.

Q. What is one thing you would like to change about school?
T: Smaller classes are easier to control
S1: Start School later

Q. What is one thing you would like to add?
T: Spirit week
S1: Nap time. Almost every students and teachers are tired when they arrive at school. This policy would allow people to get the opportunity to rest and feel better to work in class.

Q. What do you think of the school policies, for example the lateness policy, open campus policy, freshman forgiveness?
T: The lateness policy if fair. Students need to be in class on time in order to learn everything in the lesson.
The open policy is a good thing. It helps students be responsible in time and grow mature. Also they are aware of their safety.
Freshman Forgiveness is not needed. They should try their hardest from the beginning and be responsible for their action.
S1: Open Campus is good. Everything else is bad. The freshman forgiveness policy would make the freshmen not care about the first quarter because they could do better in the second quarter. The lateness policy sucks. Students aren’t trying to be late on purpose. They really can’t get to class on time. Receiving a detention and a cut is not fair.

Q. Students complain about school lunches. You were told to take away schools lunches and bring in a fast food restaurant, what would you pick and why?
T: Pinara Bread. It is healthy and has lots of choices. However, fast food is not healthy.
S1: I love White Castle! White castle is original. The burgers are small, allowing students to eat more for a lower price. There are also lots of toppings to choose from to vary what kind of burger you would like.

Q. Would you like to change the grading system into number grades? If so, what makes you think we should change it and how can it be better?
T: Yes. Number grades would accurately reflect on student’s progress
S1: Sometimes. Number grade shows your actual grade. If you get an 84 which is a B, you might feel cheated that another person might have gotten the same grade as you when they got an 80.

Q. What are your opinions about the changing for gym rule? Do you think it is necessary?
T: Yes. Since you are participating in sport activities, appropriate clothing is need so you wouldn’t get hurt.
S1: No. Students who don’t change for gym participate the same as students who do change for gym. They work as hard with or without jeans.

Q. You are assigned a lot of homework, therefore making you go to bed at 2 A.M everyday. Do you think homework should be given everyday? If so, why? If not, why not?
T: It is important to reinforce lessons but at the same time, should be a fair amount since you can’t do everything in school.
S1: It depends on the class. Some classes require students to get homework. However, outlining shouldn’t be considered homework but a project.

Q. Do you think older students would start school later than the little ones, or start school earlier?
T: I understand both sides of the issue. Starting later would give high school students more sleep, but the school policy says high school students should start earlier in order to get home first before the younger kids.
S1: Later because college starts school late and students should get used to it. They also have more things to do and need more sleep.

Q. Think of the future. What do you think these changes will bring into this school? Do you think it would be better? If mobs of students come rushing into your door complaining about how bad this school has become, what would be the first thing you would do?
T: Some changes are difficult but whatever is best for the school. If students came rushing into my door, I would try to listen to the arguments including ones from the students, parents, and faculty and try to do something based on the opinions.
S1: Yes. These changes will bring about a better environment and less tired/sleeping kids.
“Too bad! These are the new rules.”

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