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Journalism Interview

February 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever traveled to the nation's Capital? A senior from Elkton High School went to Washington, D.C. for 4H. I had the chance to interview Natalie B. about her trip.

Why did you go to Washington DC?

I went to Washington DC for a 4H Leader Conference.

What did you do on the trip?

We talked about leadership at the conference and got to tour the national monuments and historical sites.

When did you go?

We went in June, I think the 23 was the day we left.

What was your transportation to Washington and back?

We took a charter bus there and back, it was other people in 4H from our area. The bus ride was horrible, the seats were too small, it was a rough ride too.

What did you see?

We got to take a tour of the national monuments and historical sites, a lot of people too.

Was it fun?

Yes it was fun, the bus ride only took a few hours and the rest of the time definitely out-weighed the ride.

What was different about Washington DC from Elkton, South Dakota?

There were a lot more people there than around here, it was a lot more busy and active, streets were full all the time and there were always people around.

What was the food like?

The food was the same as around here, they called pop soda or coke.

How long were you there?

We were gone for eight days. I think we left on a Saturday and got back on a Sunday.

Would you go again if you had the choice?

Yes if I had the chance to go again I would definitely go again to see the sites.

What was your favorite Monument?

My favorite monument was Abe Lincoln, just the size and importance of the monument interests me.

What was the worst, middle and best part or your trip?

The worst part of the trip was the bus ride out there, uncomfortable, tight, a lot of people and a rough ride. Meeting people was the middle part, getting to meet people from all around the US was pretty cool. Seeing all the cool sites and the whole tour was the best part.
Did you make any friends?

Yes, being there for a week around different people every day you get to make new friends and meet different people. It's almost hard to remember everybody.

Did you meet any important people?

I got to meet our state's national senator and represenative. I met John Thune and Stephenie
Herseth-Sandlin. They met us on the steps of the buildings where they work.

Who did you go with?

I went with Austin DeZeeuw. We are both from our 4H Chapter and got to go.

Where did you stay?

They had a Campus there that all the 4H students got to stay at.

What would you do differently?

If I had the chance to go again and could do something differently, I would want to take a plane instead of a charter bus.

Has going to Washington DC changed your outlook on other people?

Yes going to Washington DC has changed my outlook on people. After meeting many different people at the the Conference last summer, I have changed my thoughts a lot about other people.

What were other people's reaction to you?

There were a lot of different people there. Mostly they thought we talked fast, other than that we fit in pretty well.

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