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National Guard

February 14, 2008
By Anonymous

“Army National Guard You Can” Well TJ Denison has become a believer in this. And he is an American soldier just doing his job protecting freedom and all those that believe in it. He is Army strong.

Why did you choose to go into the Guards?

I wanted to serve my country and say that I did something great. My second reason for joining was for the money.

What was the food like?

Well lets just say it was better then the schools lunch and it was actually not all that bad.

When you signed up were you worried about war?

Yes, I was worried about war but I'm sure everyone else who signed up was too. But I knew what I was doing and accepted it.

Are you glad that you joined?

Yes, because it was the adventure of a life time. And I'm able to say that I was part of something.

How do you feel about your decision?

I'm proud of what I did and I feel a lot more confident in myself.

Where did you attend basic?

I flew down to Fort Benning Georgia were I attended basic training.

What was the weather like?

It was like the Badlands everyday.

What were some of the activities you did while you were there?

We played WAR it was missions that we had to accomplish. And everyone would participate in a battalion run.

Was it very demanding?

Yes if you didn't dedicate your self entirely.

Did you want to quit?

No, it was not an option.

What kept you moving forward?

Well I guess it was my family and friends back at home that kept sending me letters and showing there support.

Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, it's a good opportunity to go out and see places and new people.

What was the feeling you got when you graduated?

I felt overwhelmed with pride. I felt that anything was possible.

Did you meet a lot of people?

Yes, I met a lot of new people but when I was down there I met a kid who was from Pipestone, MN.

Did you get much sleep?

Everyone would wake up at 3:00A.M. and we wouldn't go to bed until 11:00P.M.

Was it worth spending your whole summer at basic?

Yes I did enjoy it hard to believe. But I did miss family and friends.

Was it the experience of a life time?

I'll probably never forget what it was like there. And what I was able to do when I was down there.

Are you Army strong?

“Heck Yeah”

Our you proud of what you did?

I'm very proud of what I did and to say that I'm defending freedom. That is a great responsibility that I take pride in.

What were some of the benefits?

Well the money to help get me through college and later in life having this kind of background will help me getting future jobs.

What was your mothers reaction when you made the choice to join the Guards?

Kind of hesitant and maybe a little emotional but she was going to support my decision.

Did you have a lot of support?

My friends and family kept sending me letters in the mail. It helped me connect back home and just made the whole experience that much easier.

What did you like most about basic?

One of the benefits of basic training was getting in the shape of my life. I got to shoot a lot of different types of guns while I was there.

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