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Interview with a Teacher

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

How do you get to become a teacher?
After high school I attended Joliet Junior College for my Associates Degree, and then I went to Lewis University to get my Bachelor's Degree.

Do you enjoy teaching? Why?
I enjoy teaching for many reasons. I like watching children learn new things and have "aha" moments. I like watching children be able to explore and see how they fit into the world. I like that although I basically teach the same subjects, every day brings something new. And because I teach at a school where many of the children do not have stable home, I feel like our classroom is their safety zone.

Do you feel you are paid enough? Why or why not?
I feel that I am personally paid enough, but that is because I have been teaching for 20 years, and I have furthered my education. I feel like new teachers should be getting paid a little more, especially with the added job requirements in the field of education. It is extremely annoying watching movie stars and professional athletes get paid tons of money for playing a game or entertaining people, and then see new teachers have to buy a used car and get a roommate for an apartment to share costs.

What do you like about your job? Why?
I love the children. They keep me young. I love the hours. Teaching is a great job for a parent because you have week-ends (semi)off and all of the major holidays. I love that I'm not doing the exact same thing every day. I love sharing what I know and seeing the children grow up to be productive human beings.

What do you not like about your job? Why?
Sometimes the parents of my students will not help out with issues regarding their children, and that is very difficult for me to watch. The administrators in the District Office are sometimes a nuisance because they are so political and really have no clue about what goes on day-to-day in the classroom.

What does it feel like to be teaching future generation workers?
Most of the time, I am proud of my children, and I am proud of the hard work they put into their school day. They will do fine in the future for themselves and others. Other times I am disheartened because there are sometimes when I am working extremely hard, and some kids just don't get it. There are also a few times when kids just don't care. For the children though who are working hard and giving 110%, I look forward to seeing them in the future. It's funny because some of my old students are now teachers in this district.

Do you find your job stressful? Why or why not
My job has moments of stress. Report card/comment card time is stressful, because you want to make sure that if a child is failing that their parent has been adequately notified and that you've done all you can do with the child to try and bring the failing grade up. The end of the year gets a little crazy too...making sure all paper work has been filled in and files cleaned out before the children go to Middle School.

Would you recommend the job to others? Why?
I think teaching is a great job, especially for people who are interested in things. It's a way to share your knowledge. The hours are great, and people don't look at you funny because you like to read! Once they find out you're a teacher, they expect a book in your hands. You meet other people who want to help make our future better too.

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