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Love,Hope and determination

November 25, 2008
By Anonymous

I am interviewing my mother. We will be talking about my sister and I am interviewing my mother because I wanted to hear her point of view of my sisters life and the trauma in it.

Q: How long has your daughter been a nurse?
"My daughter has been an RN for six years.
So because of her chosen carrier she was aloud by the state of Oregon to became one of the first foster medical homes for fragile infants. Right out of collage.
But then she got sick."

Q: How did she get sick the first time?
"She was attending a microbiology course in collage
when she contracted an airborne bacteria which has totally changed her life."

Q:How did the accident in the lab start or take place?
"A sample of organic horse droppings was brought
into the lab for experimentation. The bacteria had not been known to be airborne prier to this time period.
my daughter is one of four young women
who were dramatically effected by this bacterium."
Why do you think she is still alive?
"Personally I feel god has a mission and purpose for her life and he is sustaining her health. Not only does it increase her spirituality and faith but it also increases
the faith of those who's lives she touches. She uses her health as a means for ministry for others."

Q: What do you think she has in store for the future? what road or path do you think she'll take? A:
"I hope my daughter has continued healing. I also pray my daughter does not give up hope for healing.
I think she will continue to work with fragile infants. While sharing her deep faith of the lord with others she comes in contact with."

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