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Life Rules and Assorted Tidbits of Knowledge

January 23, 2019
By desafinada GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
desafinada GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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1. Turn on the water fountain before you put your face in it.
2. Don't turn on switches in other people's houses; you don't know what will happen.
3. Don't be the person who asks to go to the bathroom on a road trip
4. Don’t play a crappy tenor saxophone
5. Play loudly at the appropriate times
6. Never take the penicillin shot
7. Don't suddenly lean your head back while eating a cough drop or mint
8. Don't double book!!
9. Always make sure that your music isn't too loud at night
10. Always take a shower after using bug spray
11. People who make things look really easy are really good at what they do
12. by the time you finish talking to someone, you should know their eye colour (make eye contact)
13. always FaceTime people with headphones on
14. never put on food-scented lip balm when you're really hungry
16. don't eat peanut butter for breakfast
17. When trying on clothes, always try on the bigger size first.
18. Always buy tickets in advance
19. When going on a road trip, always find a brand new album to listen to
20. Don't be the person who asks if there's homework
21. Make sure that there's a towel before getting into the shower
22. Make sure to take anything out of the oven before putting it on preheat
23. Stop sharing your secrets, it's good to keep things to yourself sometimes
24. Goals are better achieved when they’re written down
25. Just because there's someone out there who's better than you doesn't mean that you stink
26. You'll only regret the things you didn't do, it's better to try than to wonder what would've happened if you had.
27. Don't use white out as white paint
28. Always double tie your dinkles  
29. Bring a watch to camp
30. Don't dumb yourself down for someone else
31. Don't go on the 311 bus
32. Life rules that you don’t want to read out loud are not good life rules
33. Make sure to see if an assignment is double sided or not
34. Tie your shoes before going on exercise machines
35. Don't cut your hair for attention
36. Continuously talking to someone isn't going to make them respond
37. You shouldn't be afraid of your friends
38. Use a good neckstrap with a Bari sax
39. Write down your problems if you're stressed about something
40. Always keep lip balm in your pocket in the winter
41. If you want to feel better, you have to take care of yourself first
42. Don't wear lipstick before playing a wind instrument
43. Keep silly putty away from your hair
44. Pick your music like you pick your friends (and vice versa)
45. Find the good in the bad
46. Cut your nails before going on vacation
47. Don't wear jeans on a long plane ride
48. Don't apply makeup on a train
49. Anger is only a temporary emotion
50. Always find the nearest exits in case of an emergency
51. Don't open the salad spinner before it stops spinning
52. Close your guitar case before picking it up
53. There's nothing wrong with being nervous, it simply means that you care.
54. Sometimes, the truth can really, really hurt
55. Only invite 2 people or the entire group
56. Don't be friends with people you don't want to be friends with!
57. Don't run after you eat lots of food
58. Always think of the other person
59. Don't chew gum in the band room
60. Even if you hate yourself with a burning passion, mock your smile and you'll feel somewhat better
61. Don't play with zippers on your shoes
62. Finding peace within yourself helps you to find peace with others
63. Don't eat nerds in class
64. It's better to have a short amount of good practise than a long amount of bad practise
65. Don't walk long distances in rain boots
66. You have to ask for the things that you want
67. Put insoles in rain boots
68. Check to see if there’s toilet paper before going to the bathroom
69. A journal is like a letter to the future
70. Instead of thinking about the one person who doesn't love you, think about all the people who do
71. Not everything that makes sense is true
72. Seth is just great, and remember (P.S. you are you)
73. Every good notebook deserves a good pen
74. Don't ride over snow on your bike
75. You can't make plans with someone and then ditch them at the last minute because you got a better offer
76. Accept the explanation that you were given
77. Don't wear reflective sunglasses while playing cards
78. Remember that even on the cloudiest, gloomiest day, there's still sun above the clouds
79. Don't make people feel bad about the special things that they enjoy  
80. You can't recreate a moment, enjoy it while it lasts and don't take it for granted.
81. Make sure that what you think you want is what you actually want.
82. The simplest questions are the hardest ones to answer
83. Don't put lotion on before swimming
84. You are the person you are because of your failures
85. You don't have a right to not believe in something when it's already a fact
86. Do at least one creative thing every day
87. Feeling better is a spectrum
88. Regret shouldn't remind us that we did badly, it should remind us that we can do better
89. There's no point in worrying about something that may not even happen
90. Throwing a pencil sharpener is a bad idea
91. A lot things are easy to do but impossible to undo
92. Slow down on stairs
93. You don't have to be a genius to be a good person
94. The end of one thing only means the beginning of something else
95. If it don't feel right you don't have to do it. Just leave a message on the phone and tell them to screw it
96. Don't take Benadryl for seasonal allergies
97. Push in your chair at restaurants
98. Listen to music during fireworks
99. Try not to sneeze with gum in your mouth
100. A lot of the time, people don't care that it's your birthday
101. We shouldn't pre decide what we're trying to do except to find out more about it
102. Face the unknown with resilience
103. A book will never be mad at you
104. Don't throw your earrings at the bottom of your bag
105. Don't wear temporary tattoos before the first week of school
106. Further: don’t put temporary tattoos on your face
107. Always pay for someone's bus ride if they need it
108. Don’t use the thin, plastic, cylindrical backings on new piercings
109. Sometimes the things that you hate in the beginning are the things that you end up loving the most
110. Don’t use someone else’s mouthpiece for a concert
111. Things that don’t go well together: freshly pierced ears and turtlenecks
112. You don’t have to be good at something to like it
113. Trust elise’s useless memory
114. If you’re sleep deprived and stressed, try not to evoke any extreme emotions
115. Before you can truly love others, you have to love yourself first
117. Don’t use a song that you like as your alarm
118. Don’t take earrings off over a sink
119. Keep chocolates and handwarmers out of pockets!
120. Most of the time, it’s not the place, but the feeling
121. Ideas that seem a bit risky at night usually aren’t good ideas in the morning
122. Zip up your pockets while skipping
123. Everyone’s only worrying about themselves
124. Don’t look at your feet while ice skating
125. Cut your nails before using mod podge
126. Go to the bathroom before painting your nails
127. Don’t get strawberry milkshakes from five guys
128. Magic 8 balls usually aren’t right
129. Sometimes you need something to happen to realise another
130. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good
131. Being alone and being lonely are very different things
132. There are lots of types of successful.
133. Write down a life rule as soon as you think of it
134. Good blending can make anything better
135. Don’t cook Indian food in everyday clothes
136. Dice your chili peppers in to tiny bits
137. Annotate in colour to make it seem like you did more
138. If you’re making mistakes that you don’t usually make, slow down.
139. If you can remember a specific line for a long time, it’s a good one.
140. The best revenge is success
141. It’s okay to be alone, whether you want to be or not.
142. Good haircuts are ones that take a short time to get used to
143. Don’t tell your secrets to people who tell other secrets to you
144. Paranoia can easily become regret
145. Don’t give rubber bands to cats
146. Albums aren’t meant to be played on shuffle
147. Wear light clothes while steaming clothes
148. Bring a phone charger while night babysitting
149. Life is too short for grudges
150. Don’t wait for someone to live your life
151. Don’t ride your bike with a dress on
152. Learning a language is a great distraction
153. Don’t be too cool for school (or other shit)
154. Don’t do candlesticks on air mattresses
155. The worst thing you can do when people are whispering is yell
156. Write like the reader, read like the writer
157. Don’t watch sad movies on aeroplanes
158. It’s ok to be sometimes lazy; it’s called taking a break
159. Don’t wear backpacks in touristy places
160. You never know when your next shower is going to be
161. Don’t use scissors in mirrors
162. Check prices before purchasing food
163. Learn to practise cheerful despair
164. Good teachers are also good students
165. Have hope that you haven’t done your best yet
166. Do no harm but take no shit
167.  If you like something, why not love it?
168. Listen to understand
169. Don’t skip in tall grass
170. When something seems too good to be true, enjoy it, but with caution
171. Don’t eat a marshmallow off a metal stick
172. Always try to park your bike at the end of the bike rack
173. The difference between being a leader and just bossy is empathy
174. Write to write
175. Every day is just practise for the next
176. Don’t rely on there being a perfect time to do something
177. Don’t drive when you’re emotional
178. Don’t be polite when you think you’re drinking spoiled milk
179. Having an idea is the first step
180. Don’t accept advice from someone you wouldn’t trade lives with
181. No one is impartial
182. The only talking you should do behind a friend’s back is in their defense
183. There is more than one solution to every problem
184. The worst experiences make the best stories later on
185. Lock the car doors as soon as you get in
186. Some things will only make sense until after they don’t
187. Never deny what you want
188. Most jazz chords aren’t meant to be played on a ukulele
189. Be the person your past self would want you to be
190. People know what they think is right for them
191. Don’t wait for others to console you
192. Happiness is not something to be chased
193. Living denser in time is living longer
194. You can’t control who the world views you as
195. Take a buffer hour in between social interactions
196. It’s up to you to decide when something is over
197. Never say “I’m having fun right now” if you’re actually having fun
198. Saying no offence doesn’t make the thing that you’re saying any less offensive
199. Worrying doesn’t do anything to actually solve the problem.
200. Don’t be the person to test the sled jump
201. Don’t put your hands in your pockets while going up the stairs
202. Drive like your car is broken
203. Never make fun of someone’s ability to speak a language
204. Be nice to people’s parents
205. Being busy does not mean being  productive
206. Get all of the ice off of the windshield wipers
207. Attention is not the same thing as love
208. Don’t spend time with people who make you feel like a gross person
209. Don’t be the person whose music is too loud
210. Anger isn’t really worth it
211. It’s never wrong to do something kind
212. So many things happen during the day, know that at least one of them will be good

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