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The Awsome Nature

April 23, 2009
By Chinesegirl BRONZE, Fruita, Colorado
Chinesegirl BRONZE, Fruita, Colorado
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The nature is full of beauty lied on this earth that we live on. From the tiny raindrop to the giant ocean, or from the birth of a bird till it learns to fly. Everywhere you go and you will see something that can’t leave your eyes that it made you just staring at it. I use to live on a hill with my foster family; it was so beautiful around our house. The trees, flowers, animals, pounds, and breath into the fresh air that guided by the cool wind. My favorite is when I stand on the top of the hill and my long hair is flying all over the place. I love to stand in the wind and get it blow away. The hill next our hill is the green tea, I love the smells of the tea leaf, but I don’t like to drink its tea. I love it so much that I would spend most my time on the hill and touch everything. I love our orange trees and the white flowers were white as the snow. We own like hundred some trees, and I eat like 10 oranges a day that’s why orange is my favorite fruit to eat. I love to able to picked the wild flowers during summer time and put them in a water bottle. The colorful flowers made the hill looks even pretty and enjoyable.

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on May. 10 2009 at 9:39 pm
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LOVE IT!! You really captured the feeling of nature, and it's so true, nature is amazing, it is so beautiful and makes you feel so good. GREAT!!