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The Fall From The Largest Tree

October 16, 2019
By Anonymous

The Fall From The Largest Tree

My cousins and I often got ourselves into trouble, they lived out in the country; whenever I went to their house, we would often times do something dumb. There were about 10 acres of land; we always had something new to explore. There was our usual activities: getting ourselves lost in the woods, falling into a thorn bush, and I even found out what happens when you pee on an electric fence.

 There was one time though; that I really started to think before I did something. 

We were all outside, enjoying the cool breeze and the bright sun that would come out on a Saturday morning in the summer. My cousins decided it would be a good idea to climb the tallest pine tree in their yard. I was a daredevil back then: I would jump off of things; climb trees; hang on the railing, on the top of the stairs at my house; even ride down the same stairs in a storage tote. I didn’t see how this was any scarier than the other things that I had done, so I also thought it was a good idea. I didn’t realise a slip could have possibly killed or injured me.

We started to climb; the higher I climbed, the smaller the world looked. I was growing taller with each branch that I had surpassed. We continued to climb until we reached the top branches. I began to pull my short, tubby body, up onto one of the smaller branches on the tree. 

I started to get comfortable on the branch, when I felt a small drop. I knew something bad was going to happen. 


It was like I was on a roller-coaster; an immediate drop launched me toward the ground, I began to descend from “The World's Largest Christmas Tree.” I went from looking at the bright blue sky, to the pine needles and acorns that I passed by. It was strange, It almost felt like time had slowed to a tempo so gradual, a tortoise could keep up. I could see the face of shock and disbelief on my cousins, they didn’t speak a word. They stared at me, I stared at them. 

 I landed on a larger branch;  was able to hold on for long enough to catch a breath. I wasn’t strong enough to hold on for long.

I fell from the middle of the tree, and flew to the ground like a speeding bullet. When I looked up, the whole world was spinning around me. My cousins were screaming, but I couldn’t hear them. For a short time; it felt like the world had forgotten who I was. I couldn’t move; all I could do was look up at the dozens of pine needles taunting me.

Somehow I was okay; there were a few minor scratches and bruises, but nothing as bad as what could have happened. 

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What else do you need to know. Your not my Attorney!

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