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Stop Swearing!

November 18, 2008
By Anonymous

The choice I made was to stop swearing so I could go on a cruise with my mom and sisters in the summer.

First of all, my older sister Chia told my mom, my sisters, and I that she wanted to take us somewhere in the summer.

“Where do you girls want to go?” Chia asked.
Chia suggested going on a cruise, but my sister Mao wanted to go to Florida, because she wanted to relax in the sun at a beach.

“You can do that on the cruise,”Chia suggested.

“Sure” Mao said.
When Chia told us that we were going on a cruise that would take us to the Bahamas, Sue Anne and I got so excited because it was going to be our first time on a cruise.

After we were done discussing about what we were going, Chia told Sue Anne and me that we had to do something to go on the cruise.

“You two have to stop swearing, in order to go on the cruise,” Chia said.

“Ok,” agreed Sue Anne and I.
The next day, Chia came over to eat eggrolls, and asked if we wanted to watch a movie at our brother’s house.

“Yeah!” Sue Anne and I exclaimed.
Chia told one of us to call him so he would know that we wanted to watch a movie. I told Chia that I wouldn’t call, so Chia told Sue Anne to call my brother. Sue Anne said no, but Chia told her to or else we couldn’t go and watch a movie. When Sue Anne was about to call my brother, she swore at me. My sister Chia heard Sue Anne and I swearing at each other. She said that we have one more chance to go on the cruise. The next week or so, Sue Anne got mad at me again. She swore at me because I got some new clothes for the summer. My mom told Chia that Sue Anne swore at us. Chia told my mom that Sue Anne couldn’t go because she lost her last chance by swearing.

Finally, a month later, we left to go to the Green Bay Airport, to fly to Florida. When we got to Florida, I was excited because the next day we would be on the cruise. When we got on the cruise, there were a lot of people, so we signed up to do some fun activities, like going to a garden in the Bahamas and snorkeling. There were a lot of other activities they had, but my mom wanted to go to the garden with me and my sister Chia. My other sisters Mao, Amy, and Xoua signed up to go snorkeling. After signing up for the activities, we went to eat lunch. It was a hassle carrying our suitcases around with us; we were a lot of people’s ways.

As a result, the choice that I made to stop swearing in order to go on a cruise with my sisters and mom was a great choice. Now, we don’t swear as much as we used to in the past.

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