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More Than a Box

November 16, 2021
By Anonymous

Although to some it may be a basic, wooden jewelry box, the box symbolizes a place underneath for a little girl who was once innocent and didn’t give life too much thought but had her world flipped after being told six simple words. The jewelry box is made up of more than just smooth, wooden walls that are carved in the shape of a heart. It is more than black velvet liner on the inside with spots for all different forms of jewelry.

 The metal plate on the front of the box looks as shiny as an object that remains untouched for eternity. Maybe it looks this way because its owner fears the box: scared to dirty it, scared of misplacing it, and most importantly, scared that even acknowledging it will begin an instant flow of emotions. Engraved on the plate are a name and a date. Bruce K. Lyon, 4/2/1977 – 7/30/2019.

 When the box is opened, she sees only a few pieces of jewelry. Even though the owner has many other cheap jewelry pieces, this box is not the place for them. In this vastly important box, She only stores sentimental jewelry or expensive jewelry she has been gifted. The box includes two necklaces - one small locket with a map of Crystal Lake, Michigan, and the other one a big chocolate diamond necklace that was passed through her mom’s side of the family that the girl had only worn once a ring, and a pair of majestic pearl earrings that look like they were just removed from the ocean.

But if you look a little closer, one may notice a tab to pull in the pointed area of the heart-shaped box. Once pulled, underneath is a drawstring pouch made from the same velvet material the jewelry box is lined with. The pouch is filled with something that was once living but now is turned into a thin, dust-like substance. Ashes.

The ashes of the little girl’s father are stored in the pouch. The ashes and the silver plaque on the front of the box make it so sentimental to the girl instead of just being another piece of junk that sits in the bottom of her nightstand collecting dust.

 She stores it tucked away to keep herself from getting reminded daily that a little over two years ago, she lost her father. That is why this small box has a threshold on the girl’s heart when strangers might overlook it and not give it much thought.

This box, shaped like a heart and holding precious possessions is mine. That little girl is me.

The author's comments:

This peice describes a jewlery box owend by a little girl that means more than what meets the eye.

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