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Wishes Really Do Come True

November 6, 2009
By Dancing_Shadows SILVER, Franklin, New Hampshire
Dancing_Shadows SILVER, Franklin, New Hampshire
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"Hey Aaron, look!" I exclaimed, pointing to the glitsening white streak across the sky.
"Make a wish" I whispered, as I closed my eyes and made my wish. This wish, is a wish I have been asking God for, for two years.
"What did you wish for?" Aaron asked me. My eight year old voice simply replied "Younever tell anyone your wish silly! Or else, it won't come true"
"But I really want to know!"
"You'll know when it happens"
"I'll tell you"
"Fine!" he pouted as he stormed off back inside.

Looking back, on that star-filled night, I remember thinking someday, I would get my wish. And I did.
I punched in Aaron's phone number and waited for him to pick up. It had been one year since I had last seen him.
"Hello?" Aaron picked up.
"Hey! It's me, Amber"
"Oh hey, what's up?"
"Do you remember, back when I was eight and you were seven? When we saw a shooting star while standing in Grampa's field?"
"Yeah, you made a wish and wouldn't tell me what it was"
"That's why I called you. I told you I would tell you what I wished for when it happened. Well, I got my wish"
"What was it?"
"To live with my mom again"
"Wow, I guess wishes really do come true" he replied thoughtfully.
Then we said our goodbyes and hung up. I closed my eyes, and said to myself "Yeah, wishes really do come true"

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