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Let Me Sing

July 20, 2011
By Shminkanator5000 SILVER, Rochester, New York
Shminkanator5000 SILVER, Rochester, New York
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As an avid Track and Field runner and creative writer on the side, music has always influenced the way I did things. I always ran faster when my IPod blasted the tunes of various artists in the ears. I always felt inspired from solo piano music and Italian Opera late at night. Being born into a very musical family, it was evident that I'd find my niche in the music world in edition to my appreciation for music. When I entired High School two years ago, I decided to enroll in more music courses and try out singing.

Singing had always been something I loved to do. Yes, I am one of those crazy kids who bursts out singing or humming whenever I get the chance. I almost always have my iPod in at school and music is blasting in my room way into the depth of the night. And of course, I belt it out in the shower every single day.

Since my freshman year of high school I've become a member of the advanced choir at my school, called Chorale, Select Womens Choir, the advanced voice class, All County music festivals, and All State Solofestival three times scoring my highest score of 99.

Music saved me in a way a lot of things couldn't. Getting up on that stage, I became vulnerable to my feelings that I didn't think anybody understood. Being a soloist, I let everything out into every piece I sang and let myself heal in that sense. I felt like people could understand me, and the pain and happiness I felt. I could be whoever I wanted when I sang, and even though I was constantly changing stories and characters, I was always me behind the Facade.

Singing has helped me become stronger and more confident in myself. Singing has made me, a low self esteem and self confidence person, feel beautiful and creative. No matter how old I get, I pray that I will always contain the gift and appreciation of music and singing that I gained these past few years.

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