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Diary: Happiness

August 30, 2011
By lvnglfe1593 PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
lvnglfe1593 PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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"Never think about the consequences of your actions, living for today and not tomorrow's satisfactions." ~Ludacris

It’s so funny what one smile can do. We hear stories about how one smile saved a persons life. Being happy is such an important part of life. Without happiness, we are literally empty. Everyone knows the feeling of being hurt or feeling hallow inside whether it be from losing a loved one or not having anyone. We need to learn to reach out to people and just give a smile and a wave. People are so much more thankful than we actually imagine. And who knows, maybe we have already been in that position. I try to be a happy person and be friends with everyone. Some times, it doesn’t and won’t work out that way but what we have to understand is that by being positive, we can make a huge difference. Even if its the fakest smile ever, make someones day. A smile is a confidence booster, a life saver, and a piece of our hearts.

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