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The Wounds of a Heart

January 12, 2012
By CamilleCasse BRONZE, Kleinbug, Other
CamilleCasse BRONZE, Kleinbug, Other
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The act of fighting with a partner is a lot like the act of creating a wound. The first time it happens, the pain is a strange thing to you, something you hadn’t predicted before. When the action reoccurs, when you break the skin once more – the feeling is different, not less painful, not more painful – it is as if you expected it, but hoped at the same time it would heal over. It’s as if you trusted that the scar would fade, and with that the memories of the pain. If the wound re-opens again, with it comes more pain, more memories – but the pain and the memories aren’t the worst part. The biggest problem with fighting – the biggest problem with reoccurring wounds is the fact that they do not always heal back the same way. As your wounds continue to re-open, the skin stops healing back like it used to. Scars begin to form, lines and ridges all showcasing your pain and anguish. Slowly the cuts stop healing back the way they used to. The blood continues to poor out for longer period of time. Fighting is the same way. The first fight heals in a matter of minutes, but the last fight, the last fight may never heal again.

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